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School Level Exchange

Students studying subjects with very specific academic requirements degree have access to opportunities to study overseas through a range of programmes coordinated by their own Schools. Students in Health Sciences, Law , Business, and Engineering can often still take advantage of studying for a semester or for a year in other world-leading universities.

There are options open to students where non-EU exchanges aren’t suitable. Trinity is a member, for example, of the Transatlantic Stem Subjects Exchange Programme (TASSEP), which allows scientists to study at leading universities in North America. Economics students, for example, can study at the Queensland Institute of Technology in Brisbane. Speak to your own academic coordinator to find out about the other options open to you, within your school.

Student Voices

The opportunity to study Business there was incredible. Seoul National University is officially ranked the best University in Korea, the 10th best University in Asia and the 35th best in the entire world. The facilities at the university were simply amazing (from the lecture rooms to the library, everything was state of the art).

Coming from a busy city campus like Trinity, it was wonderful to experience life in a campus that was so different (literally halfway up a mountain and surrounded by nature). It was such a picturesque spot especially in Spring when the Cherry blossoms were blooming.
Connor Doyle, BESS Student on Exchange at Seoul National University, South Korea