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Transformative Platform


Catalysing high-value, bio-based solutions derived from natural products to support a sustainable bioeconomy.

Inter-Disciplinary Integrated Process

Through our inter-disciplinary platform, we validate opportunities and challenges with scientific expertise and entrepreneurial focus, targeting successful break-through solutions. We promote a gateway for synergistic partnerships and meaningful civic exchange.

High-Value Product Selection

Central to NatPro’s expertise is the integration of phyto-chemical, metabolomic, analytical, molecular biology and formulation approaches, together with product development and regulatory roadmaps to address unmet need. NatPro is a gateway to Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) solutions in the regulatory pathway to commercialisation across sectors, such as pharmaceutical, functional food and cosmetic industry.


Our primary facility includes four state-of the-art equipment suites operated by qualified researchers at high-quality standards.

Applications Across Sectors – Key projects and case studies