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NatPro stimulates its international community to reach their goals.

Our Message

We unlock the power of natural products and target successful break-through solutions to inspire and deliver sustainable innovation with commercial applications.

Among our programmes and services:

Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I)

We discover and develop products and create know-how to address unmet needs and deliver innovative solutions, which are derived from nature and translated into transformative practices.

Commercialisation Programmes

Our inter-disciplinary platform promotes a gateway for synergistic partnerships. We validate industries’ opportunities and challenges in the area of natural products, with academic rigour, innovative entrepreneurial experience and regulatory focus, targeting successful break-through solutions.

Analytical Services

We offer focused programmes to answer specific questions with fast turnaround and at high-quality standards availing of state-of-the-art equipment and applying green procedures, where feasible.


We deliver educational programmes and workshops to the community and the education sector. Further, we promote research fellowships, scholarships and internships to develop scientific leaders working at the forefront in developing innovative products in a dynamic life science landscape.

Investors Liaison

We carry out strategic technical due diligence to validate technologies in order to identify scientific and commercial opportunities, based on our expertise in science, regulations and industrial product development.


We are expert in evidence-based research and commercialisation in the pharmaceutical, therapeutics and functional food sectors, backed by regulatory and industrial product development experience. We can apply our experience to address needs and offer solutions. Activities include due diligence, literature review, expert scientific advice, concept evaluation, IP validation and regulatory pathways.

Among our partners to date: