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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Beacon of Education and Sustainability


We empower people by creating knowledge, enabling transformative education channels and shaping policy, strengthened by our growing sustainability culture.

Impact and Policy

Delivering impact to benefit society.

Contributing to policymaking by supporting a sustainable development of the Bioeconomy in Ireland by leading in the area of natural products.

We are committed to:


Promoting research fellowships, scholarships and internship programmes to develop scientific leaders.

To find details of our exciting Transition Year Module, please visit the dedicated webpage MindBOGgling

Civic Engagement

Translate our high-value natural products research to benefit society through innovation, education and transformative practices.

Green Lab

Green laboratory sustainability practices - to reduce energy, waste and water, materials’ awareness and engagement.

For details of our successful Green Level certification with My Green Labs, please visit the dedicated Green Lab webpage Green Lab


Fit-for-purpose quality systems and best practices.