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NatPro Centre Awarded Green Level Certification

NatPro, the Trinity Centre for Natural Products Research, based at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, is delighted to have been awarded Green Certification by My Green Lab. “NatPro worked hard to find ways that they could green their lab and did an outstanding job, achieving a Green Level certification. NatPro is the second lab in Ireland to achieve our highest level of certification and we look forward to supporting the dozens of other Irish labs currently in the program. And for those wanting to make your lab more sustainable – come join the My Green Lab Community!” said Dr Rachael Relph, Chief Sustainability Officer at My Green Lab.

This undertaking, inspired by TCD’s commitment to promote green practices, follows on from NatPro team effort with support from colleagues in the School, TCD Sustainability Office, TCD Green Lab Committee and across College. Professor Yvonne Buckley, incoming VP Biodiversity & Climate Action, said “Laboratory research has contributed solutions to many global challenges and it is inspiring to see labs expand their positive impact by increasing the sustainability of their world-class research. I heartily congratulate the NatPro Lab team on their outstanding achievement in providing innovative natural products research together with reducing their impact on the environment.”

NatPro aims to inspire people to make transformative changes to lead healthier lives. Dr Gaia Scalabrino, NatPro Executive Director said “Since the centre’s inception in 2020, we focused on incorporating sustainability practices in NatPro’s governance. We felt responsible to address global concerns, such as climate change, starting with tangible daily actions. We embedded green practices across the board, from strategic planning to operations and lab practices. It became an integral part of our culture. Further, this theme is closely aligned with our focus on valuing natural capital, preserving biodiversity and adding value to the research and commercialisation of plant-base products to support health and the national transition to bioeconomy. Thus, we are thrilled to contribute to TCD’s green lab ecosystem and national sustainability goals.”

Looking at the certification process undertaken by NatPro, Peter O’Connell, NatPro Green Lab Ambassador, explained “One of the key factors in our successful certification was our ability to make significant improvements across the My Green Lab assessment topics, including resource management, travel and procurement, as well as the more lab focused topics, such as waste, energy and water usage. It really was a group effort across all members of the NatPro team and we must acknowledge the support and advice we received from the TCD Green Labs Committee and the My Green Lab organisation.”

Michele Hallahan, Sustainability Advisor, Office of the Provost, added “Congratulations to the team in the NatPro lab for reaching Green certification in their first certification attempt with My Green Labs! Getting certified is a great feather in the cap of any laboratory, but achieving Green certification shows the depth and breadth of dedication that the team have for minimising the environmental impacts of lab practices. The growing activity in this field of 'green labs', nationally and globally, shows that awareness is increasing around being more conscious, cautious and efficient with our resources.”