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NatPro builds its foundation on four enabling pillars:
  • Inspire curiosity and creativity to deliver innovation.
  • Empower transformative change by applying an original scientific lens.
  • Leverage our state-of-the-art pathways from discovery to delivery.
  • Act as a beacon of education and sustainability.

WHO we are

We are experts in evidence-based research, backed by regulatory and industrial product development, with an innovative entrepreneurial focus.

WHAT we do

We partner with you and apply our transformative lens to unlock the power of natural products to inspire wellbeing and deliver sustainable innovation.

HOW we do it

We perform at the interface of academic rigour, scientific acumen, technology platforms and regulatory expertise to achieve positive changes across sectors.

WHY we do it

With purpose, we strive to drive science-led innovative strategies in an ecosystem, where the natural products industry is growing and becoming pivotal to national and global social, economic and environmental approaches.