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Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy from Bogland Species


  • Theme:
    • Bogland

  • Description:
    • ‘Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy from Bogland Species’ is an innovative, ground-breaking project, set to harness the untapped therapeutic and commercial use of native Irish bog plants, distinctive bog waters and the microbiome of unique bogland species. The Peatlands, or Bogs of Ireland constitute a unique national resource. As a result of evolution in these environments, they have become custodians of a varied and rare global biodiversity that has accumulated over many millions of years. In our laboratories, we are identifying and characterising bio-actives, undertaking analytical analysis and applying metabolomics tool, as well as progressing key candidates to biological screening towards the market.

      Professor Sheridan ( would be delighted to hear from industry partners or rural communities that have an interest in this research and associated outreach activities and in supporting the ambition of Unlocking Nature’s Pharmacy from Bogland Species. The social and economic benefits that can be realised are many and will directly benefit Ireland’s future view on how this precious and under-utilised resource can be repurposed into the 21st century. For further information see the Nov 2020 press-release here.