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Postgraduate Renewal Programme

The Renewal Programme is ambitious in its intent on delivering a roadmap that enables Trinity to provide a world-class experience, delivering highly skilled, highly employable independent graduates, equipped to tackle the challenges of the coming decades, underpinned by a supportive and nurturing environment that enables them to fulfil their potential and be impactful global citizens.

Since June 2021, the Postgraduate Renewal Programme has been working collaboratively across the College community with students and staff (academic and professional) to achieve its ambitions.

Update from the Dean of Graduate Studies

The PG Renewal Programme is now heading into its second full year of implementation.

Given the scale of the ambition for change in our postgraduate activities, we broke our workplan down into three horizons. Horizon 1 focused on Clarifying and Simplifying some of our core activities. The academic year 2022-23 was extremely busy, with extraordinary input and support from all parts of university, allowing us to achieve many of our planned deliverables (see our You Said, We Did page).

We launched the new Trinity Research Doctorate Award, with an annual stipend of €25,000 and covering both EU and non-EU fees. A new framework was approved to allow course directors to select the format for the research component of our Research Masters programmes that best suits the specific disciplinary focus. Trinity’s first Supervisor - Research Student Agreement was developed and will be piloted in the coming academic year. These are just a flavour of the changes afoot. We are confident we will have completed our Horizon 1 commitments by December 2023. 

In Horizon 2 we aim to go a step further to Enhance our processes and activities. This next step will require more time to ensure we understand the relevant issues, plan for effective change, and implement and review any changes introduced.

Some of what we hope to achieve will require significant investment. Our goal is to ensure that we fully understand what we want to achieve, so that when we invest, we deliver the target outcome. We will continue to field-test many ideas and initiatives from Horizon 1 and Horizon 2, and we will be reaching out to staff and students for your feedback. We’re also open to hearing from you at any time. Share your ideas, your pet irritations, and your great experiences. We want to ensure that the changes we make do not disrupt things that are working well and delivering for everyone. For all your suggestions, is open for business!

Ní neart go cur le chéile – Our strength comes from working together,

Professor Martine Smith
Dean of Graduate Studies

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