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Global Relations

Trinity strives to educate and inspire global citizens who will shape the world's future through research impact, study abroad opportunities, cultural exchange and international collaborations.

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About the Global Relations Strategy

The Global Relations Office is one of the gateways between Trinity and our global community of students, institutional partners, academic collaborators and alumni network. Our team is committed to strengthening Trinity's global profile through student recruitment, supporting academic and student mobility, building strategic partnerships and encouraging alumni engagement worldwide. This activity is supported by the Global Relations team, 24 School Directors of Global Relations and our colleagues across the university. The Global Relations Strategy 2019-2024 and implementation plan approved by Board is available to view here (PDF 1.5MB) (local access only). The Global Relations Annual Report 2020/2021 is available to view here (PDF 3MB) (local access only).

The Global Relations Committee is the primary committee with responsibility for governance of Global Relations. Click here (PDF 177KB) to view the Terms of Reference of the Committee (local access only) and here (PDF 131KB) for the Membership (local access only).

The Global Mobility Group is chaired by the Vice President for Global Relations and reports to the Global Relations Committee. The remit of the group, which includes representatives from across the university, is to facilitate the expansion of global mobility opportunities for Trinity students. Click here (PDF 155KB) to view the Terms of Reference of the Group (local access only). Click here (PDF 856KB) to view the Undergraduate Student Mobility Report 2020/2021 (local access only).

The Coronavirus Admissions Sub-Group is chaired by the Vice President for Global Relations. The remit of the group, which includes representatives from across the university, is to track the impact of the Coronavirus on projected growth in prospective student numbers and revenue for Academic year 2020/21 outlined in Global Relations Strategy 3 and other business plans. Click here (PDF 101KB) to view the Terms of Reference of the Group (local access only).

The aims of the current Global Relations Strategy are:

  • To build on the successful partnerships activity to date. Further opportunities for dual and joint programmes with universities globally will be evaluated and developed. We will continue to develop partnerships based on articulation programmes, where students typically start their programme of study in their home university and enter into year three of an undergraduate programme at Trinity.

  • Student mobility has grown over the last five years as we have developed student exchange agreements with leading universities globally. This year 30% of eligible undergraduate students engaged in part of their studies overseas. The aim over the next five years is to increase this number to 50%. This will mean developing many more exchanges and expanding numbers with universities that we currently engage with.

  • To enhance diversity across the student community by continuing to expand non-EU student numbers with a stronger focus on EU-student recruitment particularly to postgraduate programmes. Key projects include the Business School, E3 (Engineering, Environment and Emerging Technologies) and the Law School.

  • To enhance marketing services for the University to include brand and reputation management, co-ordination and leadership of marketing activity across the University as well as student recruitment marketing. The student recruitment marketing activities will focus on digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, analytics and a customer relationship management system.

Trinity Growing Globally (PDF 5.7MB) outlines our achievements to date and the Global Relations Strategy 2019-2024 will build on this success. We look forward to working and connecting with partner universities, student, staff and the alumni community in the years ahead to achieve the ambitions outlined in Global Relations Strategy.