The International Welcome Programme matches Trinity students studying in non-EU countries with Trinity graduates who live locally. Mentors can advise students on everything from how to eat like a local, to what places to visit.

Mentors and students are encouraged to meet up at least once, and often continue meeting up for various activities while the student is in the area.

The International Welcome Programme is a great way for Trinity graduates who live abroad to reconnect with Trinity, and give back to current students. Likewise, the Programme is an opportunity for students to make connections with graduates who are willing to offer advice, guidance and support while living and studying far from Trinity’s campus.

Download the International Welcome Programme Guidelines for more information.

Please contact the Alumni office for further details regarding the 2018/19 programme, or to learn how to volunteer for the academic year on 01 8962088, or email Alternatively you can fill out the form below.

Participating Locations

In 2018/19, Students are going to:

  • Canada – Montreal, Toronto, Sydney, Waterloo, Brisbane, Vancouver
  • Australia & New Zealand – Canberra, Sydney, Auckland
  • USA – Atlanta, Chapel Hill, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Washington D.C., Amherst, Boston, Bloomington, New York, Chicago, Madison, South Bend, Philadelphia, Santa Barbara, San Diego
  • Asia – Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Beijing, Ningbo

    *Each year locations vary to coincide with student placements.

Testimonials from International Welcome mentors

Eadaoin and I met about a month ago. We had a nice long chat and have stayed in touch over WhatsApp and we are meeting up in 2 weeks when she is back in San Francisco. I was able to tell her about places nearby she should travel to (I believe she is off to Santa Cruz this weekend) and where to get Barry’s tea. She also reached out wanting to know where to watch the  All Ireland.

From San Francisco

…the other day, we had some delicious hot-pot and tried famous chestnut roasted & sugar flavoured Beijing snacks. It’s great to meet, even in a comparatively cold night in Beijing.

From Beijing

Clemmie and I had dinner at the end of September and it seems like she’s settling into life in Boston really well.

From Boston

Yesterday, I met Owen in Santa Monica and had a good chat with him – he seems to be getting on great in UCLA. Funny enough, it was a dull day and the sun was nowhere to be seen (so it felt a little more like Ireland). We’ll probably meet up again just before the end of term after Christmas exams are done and dusted.

From Santa Monica

I met with Alexandra and she seems to be very happy and loving life here in Australia.

From Sydney