Philanthropic gifts to Trinity are tax relievable. Tax relief related to charitable giving varies by country.  This website provides some general guidance on tax relief. All donors are encouraged to seek professional financial advice specific to their circumstances.

Trinity Foundation, operating as Trinity Development and Alumni, is a registered charity, CHY 10898.

Tax-Efficient Giving - Ireland

If you are a taxpayer in Ireland, donations between €250 and €1m in a calendar year made by individual donors (PAYE & Self Assessed, regardless of marginal tax rate) will be treated in the same manner, with 31% tax relief in all cases being repaid to the charity if a CHY3 Form is completed by the donor.

For example, a gift of €250 is worth €362 when Trinity successfully claim the tax back from the Revenue. CHY3 Forms will be issued by Trinity once the gift has been received.

Companies can deduct their donations as an allowable expense.

Tax Efficient Giving - UK

If you are a UK Taxpayer donations to Trinity Development & Alumni are recognised as charitable donations for tax purposes in the UK. Trinity Development & Alumni can reclaim the standard rate of tax on any gift, or 25p in every £1 donated.

This can be done whether donations are large, small, one-off or regular, provided the donor gives a 
Gift Aid declaration which we will send you on receipt of your donation.

Further, if you are a higher rate taxpayer, you yourself can reclaim the difference between the higher rates of 40% or 50% and the basic rate of 20%.

For more information on tax efficient giving visit the HM Revenue & Customs site.

Tax Efficient Giving - US

If you are US based donor you will find more information on tax-efficient giving on the University of Dublin Fund website.

Tax Efficient Giving - Canada

The University of Dublin, Trinity College has "prescribed" status as per Regulation 3503 of the Canadian Income Tax Regulations. This means that a donation made by a Canadian donor to the University can be claimed in computing taxable income to the extent provided by subparagraph 110.1(1)(a)(vi) and paragraph 118.1(1)(f) of the Canadian Income Tax Act.

An official receipt for income tax purposes will be issued by Trinity upon receipt of donation.