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Adapting our Teaching for Learning Online

This module is designed to support academics and/or those supporting teaching and learning at Trinity as we prepare for a hybrid approach to teaching and learning in academic year 2020/21. The module is primarily aimed at those without significant prior experience of designing for, or facilitating, hybrid learning.

Enrol on the Module

Who is the Module for?

This module recognises that many of you are adapting modules for 'hybrid' (online and/or blended delivery) without significant prior experience of designing for, or facilitating, hybrid learning. It outlines some pragmatic approaches and  practical strategies to help you adapt your teaching and assessment for use in a hybrid environment. The resources presented in the module are neither exhaustive nor prescriptive. They take as their starting point that teaching and learning should be grounded in robust pedagogical principles. 

The module aims to support Trinity academics as they adapt their teaching materials for hybrid learning this academic year. Grounded in experiential learning and drawing on evidence-based practice, the module addresses how to adapt existing good practices for use in hybrid teaching and learning. It also seeks to develop a supportive community of practice for colleagues, enabling the exchange of good practices between different Schools, programmes, and academics.

Module Structure

The module is divided into three blocks:

  • Adapting existing content for learning online
  • Fostering student engagement online
  • Assessment in online environments

This module is designed for 'self-study' and all the topic, toolkits and resources within it are available for you to review at a time that best suits you. Each 'block' is designed to follow a similar structure:

  1. Pre-task/pre-reading
  2. Getting started
  3. Introduction and Rationale
  4. Core content (topics)
  5. Toolkit (resources focusing on technical 'how to')
  6. 'Extend'

Module Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, participants will be able to:

a) Build on experience from remote emergency teaching and extend this to adapt your existing modules, lectures, and tutorials for implementation in a hybrid environment.  

(b) Develop insight into how to engage your students in their learning by fostering a sense of community online.

(c) Adapt and enhance traditional assessments for use in a hybrid context. 

Taking the Module on a For-Credit Basis

If you wish to take this module as part of our SP Cert for credit, please contact Details on the SP Cert can be found here

We will be operating three rolling deadlines this semester related to this module:  the first deadline is Monday 1st February; the second deadline is Friday 2nd April; the third deadline is Friday 4th June. Assignments submitted by or on each of these dates will be assessed after each of these dates and we welcome any and all submissions. You are welcome to start this online module at any time.

Support for Subject/Programme Teams

Academic Practice has also some availability to support subject/programme teams who have specific queries relating to pedagogic application of the module as you prepare for hybrid provision this academic year. Questions arising from your team’s engagement with the module should be first collated and submitted to our Support Form. A minimum of 6 people are expected to attend. A member of the CAPSL team will be in touch following your form submission.