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Examination Skills

The exam period can be a stressful time of the year. We have a range of strategies and tips on planning your revision, practicing your exam performance and making sure that you give your best performance on the day.

Returning to 'In-Person' Exams?

SLD are running a series of webinars in the run-up to the exam period for all students that are anticipating a return to in-person exams. We'll cover all you need to perform well on the day. Exam workshops are split into three areas:

  1. Exam Preparation - Getting yourself organised for study, managing your times and scheduling, using effective revision strategies and getting mentally prepared for exam sessions.
  2. Exam-taking Strategies - Strategies for when you're sitting your exam, how to organise yourself, practicing your timings, and preparing for different types of exams e.g. MCQ, short answers, essay answers and open book.
  3. Timed Simulation - If you would like to practice an examination setting, join us for a real-time practice. We'll look after timings, you'll look after having a past exam paper to practice with. Details of in-person or online session to be decided.

General Exam skills

Our general exam skills workshops cover all of the topics above, but within the context of both online & in-person exams. They are also available on demand via Blackboard.

Exam-type FAQ Sessions

These sessions are facilitated by an SLD staff member and incorporate a recorded presentation on the exam type followed by an FAQ afterwards. These recordings are also available on demand via Blackboard. Three exam types are covered in individual sessions: Openbook Exams, Short Essay & MCQ Exams, Essay Exams.

Examination Digital Resources

If your schedule doesn't fit ours, don't worry, we have resources to help you, online 24-7 via Blackboard. Find enrolment details here:

Important Links

Our webinar calendar can be found below, and you will also be reminded by email in advance, with details on how to join.

Don't worry if you can't attend an event - we'll repeat them over the months of November, December and January and we always have recordings on the website for you to access.