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SLD Core Principles

  • We aspire to coach each student in achieving their goals to the best of their ability, regardless of previous attainment.
  • We have a developmental and evidence based approach to learning which is informed by best practise.
  • We use adaptable study practices, applicable in all disciplines. We recognise each student as an expert in their own field.
  • We are not prescriptive. We aim to help students to find individual insights, processes and strategies, to encourage a self-regulated approach to learning.
  • We do not proofread.
  • We offer a safe, confidential space for students to develop their learning skills. We respect professional boundaries and refer appropriately where necessary.
  • We work in partnership with students, student representatives, academic staff and student support services to provide a service that meets the learning development needs of a diverse student body.
  • We support students to develop the Trinity graduate attributes, namely independent thinking, effective communication, responsible action and continuous development.
  • We are committed to the professional development of our team and the provision of a high-quality service.