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Services for 'Off Books' Students

As a student you are expected to pursue your undergraduate course continuously unless permitted by the Senior Lecturer to interrupt it, normally for a period of one year, either by going ‘off-books’ or by intermitting your studies for extra-curricular reasons. Information about going 'Off Books' is provided here:

During your year 'Off Books' and when you transition back into College life you may find that you need to develop new strategies to navigate academic challenges and develop learning skills. All learners can struggle and may need to use different learning strategies to those they used previously. The great thing is that you can learn new skills and when you engage appropriate strategies early on, they will stand you in good stead. SLD can support you to maximise your potential and find strategies that work for you.

Below you will see the main topic areas that SLD can support you with. We run workshops and appointments, click on the links below for more details. We also have resources available 24-7 in our Blackboard module.

  • Academic writing
  • Exam preparation
  • Groupwork
  • Viva & oral defence
  • Presentation skills
  • Study strategies
  • Reading & notemaking
  • Critical thinking
  • Building arguments
  • Time management
  • Motivation & procrastination
  • Using stress positively
  • Organisation