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Instructions for enrolling on SLD's Blackboard Module

ASSL-A-YEAR12-202324 - Academic Skills for Successful Learning

1. Log on to your

2. Click on Modules in the left menu. On the top right you will see Module Catalog'.

3. Type 'academic skills’ in the ‘Module Search’ box and click ‘Go’.

enrolling on blackboard instructions 1

4. If a number of modules appear, hover your mouse under the Module ID titled ‘ASSL-202223’. Click on the drop-down arrow that appears

Enrolling instructions on blackboard 2

5. Click on 'Enrol'

click on enrol from drop down option

6. Click on 'Submit'

click on submit option on page

7. You will get a message to say you have been successful.

message saying you have successfully enrolled

8. In some cases you might have to log out and log back in again to get into the module.