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Why do an Arts Degree? Why study a language? One of our graduates, V. Bruce, answers these questions, saying:

An Arts Degree offers you, the school leaver, one of the best chances in life of becoming a well-rounded educated individual. No matter what subjects you choose, your Arts Degree will teach you to think logically, to analyse complex issues and to present your ideas clearly. These are all essential skills in your future working life whatever career you eventually choose since an Arts Degree is a stepping stone to many different careers. Above all, your Arts Degree will be fun. You will be studying a subject that fascinates you. And you will be surrounded by like-minded students who are just as keen to discuss the world's problems in a lecture hall as in the college bar.

Studying a language at third level is not just about grammar! When you study a language, you study a whole country. You will read its literature, and learn about its history, politics and culture. You will live in the country during your degree and will broaden your horizons and make many new friends. And when you graduate you will have a highly marketable skill. It is up to you what you do with that skill.