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European Studies and Polish (TR024)

European Studies is a full-time four-year undergraduate course of study covering the continent of Europe from the Renaissance to the present. Students study the nature of Europe and the forces that have shaped it through the disciplines of history, history of ideas, political science and sociology. They also develop proficiency in two modern languages of their choice (including Polish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Irish).

Why study European Studies with Polish?
European Studies is designed for students with a broad intellectual appetite who are interested in a range of disciplines and subjects. It offers students the chance to learn two European languages, and to study history and social sciences. This programme encourages students to think about our continent in all its complexity, and to analyse Europe’s cultures, literature, and politics. Polish has a strong position as the sixth biggest mother tongue and the largest Slavic language in the EU by the number of native speakers. It can be a convenient gateway to the fascinating wider realm of Slavic languages, a community which geographically makes up a large part of Europe and Asia, and includes over 300 million speakers worldwide. Discover Polish culture and history through literature, film, and social studies. Poland is a member of the NATO and the EU. If you would like to work for EU institutions, public administration or international companies, knowing Polish will add to your employment prospects and help you develop proficiency in one or more Slavic languages.

Why choose Trinity College?
Founded in 1592, Trinity College is one of the oldest and best-known universities in Europe. It is ranked 1st in Ireland and 101 in the world (QS World University Rankings 2022). European Studies at Trinity offers a unique and broad range of languages and subjects for study, and draws on the expertise and dedication of lecturers from a wide range of disciplines. Staff from different departments work together to deliver a fully-integrated programme that offers flexibility and choice for students. Trinity has exchange agreements with leading Polish universities (including the University of Warsaw), and students spend their third year studying in Poland. Furthermore, all students are eligible to apply for scholarships to attend summer courses in Poland.

Graduate skills and career opportunities
The language skills and understanding of a variety of disciplines gained through European Studies allow our graduates to take up opportunities in a diverse range of careers. Recent graduates are employed in international organisations, in the EU, in the civil service and the diplomatic corps, in business, finance and marketing. Other popular career paths are in consultancy, translating and interpreting, journalism, and tourism.

For more detailed information on the programme, please contact the course coordinator: Dr Krzysztof Rowiński at