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European Studies & Russian


Students study the nature of Europe and the forces that have shaped it through the disciplines of history, history of ideas, political science and sociology. They also develop proficiency in two modern languages (French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish).

Russian Course Content

Students develop their language skills and attend courses on Russian history and culture as well as on the social and political structures of Russia.

What Students Have to Say

European Studies students of Russian have language classes and lectures (in English at first, but later in Russian) on Russian history, politics and culture. Not only are these very interesting in themselves, they also complement the other European Studies subjects. What more could you want?

For me learning Russian, living in Moscow, and studying the culture, history and politics of this vast Eastern neighbour of Europe's, brought a different and balancing dimension to the European Studies programme as a whole. We tend to be accustomed to perceiving of Europe in terms of its more Western representatives. As Europe today plans to expand eastward, a deeper understanding of these countries is becoming increasingly significant.