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Why Study Russian?

Because Russian is

  • the first language of some 165 million people and of the world's largest state
  • one of Europe's most important languages
  • in the same family of languages as English and Irish (so there is much common ground).
  • neither impossible to learn nor so very exotic and remote.

Furthermore, Russia has

  • a fascinating and complex history
  • a rich cultural heritage
  • one of the world's great modern literatures
  • a rich musical and artistic legacy

Finally, today's post-Soviet Russia is a rapidly changing society offering unprecedented opportunities for work, study and travel for our students and graduates.

As one of our graduates says: "You will have the opportunity to study a fascinating and complex society, a literature second to none (try some now in translation), a tragic and thrilling history, as well as a challenging and beautiful language. Your classmates will not be run-of-the-mill. You will not be bored."