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Business Studies and Russian

General information

This course is organised by the School of Business in co-operation with the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies and the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies. It aims to provide its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to work and communicate internationally and to understand the social, political and cultural contexts of markets, organisations and management across countries. The course, which is of four years’ duration with the third year spent abroad, comprises modules in business, economic and social studies together with the study of Russian and its associated society, institutions, culture and civilisation.

Course Content

In all years the Department provides intensive study of the Russian language, Russian society and institutions. In their final year students write a case study in Russian on a Russian company.

Why is Russian so important?

Russian is one of the UN official languages and spoken by over 200 million people, both in Russia itself and in the former Soviet states. According to the latest European Commission survey,  Russian is the EU’s fifth most commonly spoken second language (over 30 million EU citizens speak Russian).

Why study Business with Russian?

The TCD Business Studies and Russian degree is designed  to provide students with the linguistic, cultural and business skills which they need to operate successfully in the commercial environment of Russia. They will get the best of both worlds: they will leave with qualifications in business from one of the world’s best business schools offering this unique programme and have an excellent knowledge of Russian and the Russian Federation.

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area and one of the richest in natural resources (oil, gas, gold, diamonds). Its enormous business potential has been as yet largely untapped. Being able to negotiate and deal with Russian partners, the majority of whom do not speak English, gives students the vital edge needed to succeed in the competitive business environment.

Where do Russian and Business Graduates end up working?

Armed with your degree in Business Studies and Russian our graduates are well equipped to enter the job market and get a good and interesting job in international business. A few examples are: international organizations; property and financial services sector in Russia; international and emerging East/Central European banking sector; Irish and EU business interests in Russia; media, advertising  and consultancy.