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Professor Damian Mc Manus
Fellow Emeritus, Irish


Damian McManus is Professor of Early Irish in Trinity College, Dublin, and Head of the Department of Irish. He is a graduate of the University of Dublin (BA 1977), where he also completed his doctorate on 'The Latin loanwords in Early Irish' in 1982. He is an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow, a Fellow of Trinity College and Member of the Royal Irish Academy. His main areas of research are Primitive Irish, in particular the Latin loanwords and the Ogam alphabet, and Classical Modern Irish. He is author of A guide to Ogam, joint editor of Stair na Gaeilge, and has published many articles in learned journals in Celtic Studies. He was director of the Trinity-based 'Bardic Project', which published five hundred medieval Irish poems from manuscripts in Irish and British libraries (A Bardic miscellany, eds D. McManus and E. Ó Raghallaigh, 2010), and created a database of two thousand such poems ( He has also been joint editor of Ériu, the journal of the Royal Irish Academy devoted to Irish philology and literature, since 2005.

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Damian McManus, Repetition, parallelism and antonymous verbal phrases in Early and Classical Modern Irish, Ériu, 72, 2022, p167 - 222 Journal Article, 2022

Damian McManus, 'Identification copula clauses with substantives of different gender in Early and Classical Irish' , North American Journal of Celtic Studies, 4, (2), 2021, p30 pages Journal Article, 2021

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Damian McManus, 'Binomial phrases, dvandva compounds and the house in which Cú Chulainn was born', Ériu, 70, 2020, p30 pages Journal Article, 2020

Damian McManus, 'Early Modern Irish miscellanea', Ériu, 69, 2019, p155 - 170 Journal Article, 2019

joint editor, Ériu 69, Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 2019 Book, 2019

Multiple authors, Ériu, Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 2018 Book, 2018

Damian McManus, Celebrating the canine ii: the hunt in medieval Ireland with special reference to the evidence of Classical Irish poetry, Ériu, 68, 2018, p145-192 Journal Article, 2018

'Celebrating the female: eulogies, elegies and addresses to noblewomen in late medieval Ireland' Síle Ní Mhurchú, Mícheál Hoyne(ed.), Symposium on Dánta Grádha, Proceedings of the Dánta Grádha Symposium, The School of Celtic Studies at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, September 2016, DIAS, 2017 Proceedings of a Conference, 2017

joint editor, Ériu 67, vol 67, Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 2017 Book, 2017

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Damian McManus, Besprechungen und Anzeigen, Review of 'The pearl of the kingdom: A study of A fhir léghtha an leabhhráin bhig by Giolla Brighde Ó hEódhasa' and 'The light of the universe. Poems of friendship and consolation by Giolla Brighde Ó hEódhasa', by Ó Corráin, AIlbhe , Zeitschrift fuer Celtische Philologie, 64, 2017, p496-99 Review, 2017

Damian McManus, 'On the use of the Urlann in Deibhidhe and Séadna metres in Classical Irish verse', North American Journal of Celtic Studies, 1, 2017, p61 - 81 Journal Article, 2017

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'On the nature of true friendship: an edition of Eochaidh Ó hEódhasa's (ed.), Societas Celtologica Nordica 13, Studia Celtica Upsaliensia , Uppsala, 13, May 2015, Universit of Uppsala, 2016 Proceedings of a Conference, 2016

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Female ancestry and mother's kin in Classical Irish poetry' in, editor(s)Caoimhín Breatnach, Meidhbhín Ní Úrdail , Aon don Éigse. Essays marking Osborn Bergin's Centenary Lecture on Bardic Poetry (1912), , Dublin, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2015, pp193-219 , [Damian McManus] Book Chapter, 2015

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Damian McManus, 'In defence of manslaughter: two poems by Muireadhach Leasa an Doill/ Albanach Ó Dálaigh for Domhnall Mór (mac Éigneacháin) Ó Domhnaill ( 1241)', Ériu, 64, 2014, p145 - 203 Journal Article, 2014

Damian McManus, Classical Irish miscellanea, Ériu, 64, 2014, p213 - 227 Journal Article, 2014

AVE reversing EVA: Miscellanea on Marian devotion in Irish bardic poetry in, editor(s)Seán Duffy , Princes, prelates and poets in Medieval Ireland: Essays in honour of Katharine Simms, Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2013, pp503 - 513, [Damian McManus] Book Chapter, 2013

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Damian McManus, Surnames and scions: adjectival qualification of Christian names and cognomina in Classical Irish poetry, Ériu, 63, 2013, p117 - 143 Journal Article, 2013

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Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Ériu, 72, (2022), Damian McManus, Mícheál Hoyne, [Joint Editor], seventeen years Journal, 2022

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Research Expertise


Medieval Irish: language and literature. Historical and comparative linguistics. Writing systems, in particular Ogam Classical Modern Irish Bardic poetry. The Grammatical and Syntactical tracts of the Classical Modern Irish poets.