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Jürgen Uhlich, B.A. (Bonn), PhD (Bonn)Assistant Professor

Jürgen Uhlich, born 20 October 1958 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, entered third-level education in 1978 at Bonn University, Germany, studying Comparative Indo-European Linguistics, Celtic Studies and Classical Philology (Greek and Latin). In addition, he studied Modern and Early Irish in Ireland, first at University College Galway (1981-2) and then at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (1986-9), and completed his PhD in Bonn in 1991. Having held various temporary teaching and research positions at the universities of Bonn, Cologne, Berlin and Marburg, he was in 1997 appointed to his present post as Lecturer in Early Irish at Trinity College Dublin. He was the co-initiator (2012) and member of the steering committee of the College Research Theme Manuscript, Book and Print Cultures.

Research interests

Old and Middle Irish language and texts, Comparative Celtic linguistics and Comparative Indo-European philology. Currently preparing (1) a Handbook of Early Old Irish (of the language c. 550-700, including editions of the main extant documents and a grammatical description) and (2) a critical edition of the early Middle Irish text Fingal Rónáin. Co-editor (since 2007) of the oldest Celtic studies journal in existence, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie.

Administrative responsibilities and duties

College tutor from 2000 to 2015 and Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate) from 2011 until 2013 and during the first semester of 2015/16. Current Erasmus exchange coordinator for the Irish Department (since 2006).

Research Profile