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Societies, Clubs and the Students' Union

Don't forget that all clubs and societies on campus are run by dedicated volunteers and they can be contacted directly through their respective websites. The Students' Union and Graduate Students' Union also rely on volunteers for their various ents, publications and campaigns and representation activities.


There are 49 sports clubs in Dublin University (Trinity College Dublin) that are recognised by and affiliated to DUCAC and every single one of them needs volunteers to organise training, socials, competitions, recruitment, manage the money etc. etc. Some of this work will be reserved for committee members (also volunteers) but regular members are required to muck in a lot of the time too. Some clubs, such as the GAA and Rugby clubs, are also involved in tutoring, coaching and training of local school children through the Trinity Access Programme.

For more information about club activity, take a look at the DUCAC website.


Like the clubs, all society events and activities are organised by members on a voluntary basis. If you ask any society committee if they need an extra pair of hands to assist with organising events, put up posters, or be available to help a reception- you will most like get a positive answer. Many societies also engage with the outside community through activities with the Trinity Access Programme, running schools competitions, fundraisers or partnerships with external organisations. To see the wide range of societies and learn a bit more about them, check out the new Trinity Societies website.

Students' Union

Voluntary activity with the Students' Union is another great way to get involved and give back to the College community. The support and involvement of all students is what makes the Students' Union truly representative and ensures that it maintains a strong voice. You can get involved and have great fun at the same time in any number of ways: run for class rep, write for the paper, come to SU Council, attend protests, help with welfare or education campaigns or even join the ents crew and help run gigs! For more information, take a look at the SU website.

Similarly, the Graduate Students' Union provides opportunities for postgraduate students in representation at course, school, faculty and college level; as well as running events throughout the year and producing creative and academic publications which need authors, artists and reviewers. More information can be found on the GSU website.


Last updated 25 May 2010 Civic Engagement (Email).