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Engaged Research

Participatory Action Research entails

  • active collaboration with the community,
  • democratization of knowledge such that both community and academic partners acknowledge each other's different ways of knowing and different types of knowledge and
  • actions based on the research promote can lead to positive social change. (Strand et al., 2003)

For further information, see Strand, K. Et al. (2003) Community-based Research and Higher Education Principles and Practices. San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons. In particular see Chapter 4 on Methodological Principles of Community Based Research.

Campus Engage is the Civic Engagement arm of the Irish Universities Association. There is a wealth of resources that you may find useful. There are several guides including:

Community Based Learning

Community Based Research


Trinity Engage

Trinity EngAGE is Ireland's global Centre for excellence in Ageing research, advancing partnerships between researchers, industry, government and non-governmental organisations in order to launch transformative educational programmes, clinical interventions, evidence-informed policies, and innovative technologies. See more on the Trinity EngAGE website.

See also Doyle, M. & Timonen, V. (2010). 'Lessons From a Community-Based Participatory Research Project: Older People's and Researchers' Reflections'. Research on Ageing. 32 p. 244.

Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID)

Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID) situated within the School of Education, Trinity College Dublin aims to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in education and society. Our mission is to enable people with an intellectual disability to develop their potential by a combination of high quality research, dissemination of new knowledge, lifelong learning and professional training. The Centre provides people who have intellectual disabilities with the opportunity to participate in a higher education programme designed to enhance their capacity to fully participate in society as independent adults.

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