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Registrar's Civic Engagment Award

The Registrar’s Civic Engagement Award recognises members of Trinity staff who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in engagement with wider society in their teaching and/or research; those who have played an active role in civic engagement in Trinity either through community based research and/or community based learning.

Trinity College Dublin continues to value and promote dialogue, civic action and global citizenship.  We aim to secure the greatest benefit to the public good through our active participation in the social, economic and cultural life of Dublin, Ireland, and the world” (Strategic Plan 2014-2019, p.11).

To quote part of the stated mission of the University, “We provide a liberal environment where independence of thought is highly valued and where all are encouraged to achieve their full potential.  We will:…. fearlessly engage in action that advances the cause of a pluralistic, just, and sustainable society”, with specific goals to engage wider society, demonstrate institutional leadership and secure Trinity’s future (Strategic Plan 2014-2019, p.13-14).

The Award aims to recognise exceptional contributions made by staff to civic engagement, advancing our goal to benefit the public good. Nominations are sought to recognise the work of colleagues that contributes to engaged research and/or engaged teaching, addressing societal needs while providing opportunities to members of our community (staff and students) to become engaged citizens. Work that in turn raises public awareness of a University embedded in and working with society.
The award will honour staff members who have distinguished themselves in their work, and acts as an inspiration to others and a means of highlighting such valuable work.
Winners and their nominators will be invited to an award ceremony that will take place during Trinity Term,  hosted by the Registrar.

The award will be €2000 to support the awardees in the advancement of their winning project. The work will also be showcased during the academic year 2018/2019, in a  manner appropriate to the specific work.


There will be a two step process: Nomination of individuals or teams by staff or students, followed by invitation to appropriate nominees to submit an application. Nominations for the 2018 Registrar’s Engagement Award will be open on 24th January 2018. Please submit nominations through this form (MS Word) by 9th February 2018. Selected nominees will be invited to complete an application form (MS Word), which can be viewed here by 2nd March 2018.

The Review Panel

The review panel will be chaired by the Registrar and comprise members of the Engagement Advisory Group, including a community organisation member and a representative of the student body.   


Nominees must be current staff members, either academic or non-academic. Individuals or teams may be nominated. Nominated teams may include collaboration with external bodies (other Universities and/or community groups) but the nominated Trinity member(s) of staff must hold (a) leading position(s) in the project.
Nominees for the Civic Engagement Awards must demonstrate excellence in the three criteria laid out below.


  • Demonstrating a significant impact in the creation and development of a just society (local, national, and/or global). Clear articulation of how impact is measured in this area would benefit the application.
  • Embedding the values of equality, pluralism, and sustainability in research and/or teaching. It may be useful to consider the following themes when describing the work: strengthen community, promote student life, renew the Trinity education, activate talents, build valuable partnerships, engage wider society, demonstrate institutional leadership, secure Trinity’s (and wider society’s) future.
  • Communicating the impact and significance of research and teaching in the public sphere.


Nominations are welcome from all current or former staff and students. 


Nominators are requested to complete a simple nomination form which includes a brief summary of the nominee’s contribution, with reference to the stated criteria (maximum of 300 words). Please highlight how the nominee(s) has/have distinguished themselves through the creation of innovative educational opportunities, the strengthening of the University’s academic mission and strategy in relation to community engaged research, teaching and learning, and/or public engagement. Closing date for receipt of nominations by email to is 9th February 2018.

Application Materials

  • Nomination form explicitly detailing the nominee’s accomplishments and reputation as they relate to the award. 
  • Application form to be completed by invited nominees in part two of the process and sent to
  • Biographical information of the nominee or a CV, not to exceed 2 pages, should include the education, employment, membership in professional societies, honours and awards, professional and public service etc., of the nominee as they relate to community based research, community based learning and/or public engagement.

Further Information

If you have any queries about the Registrar’s Civic Engagement Award please email

Last updated 24 January 2018 Civic Engagement (Email).