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The School of Business offers a MSc in International Management, and an important element of the course is the research dissertation module undertaken by students, based on a relevant industrial analysis review. A number of students carry out their methodological component through a service learning experience in a community organisation. Therefore students must identify a research brief, prepare a literature review and devise a methodology, as typical which most research dissertations, and for those who opt for a service learning experience, they must also identify a company for whom they can work and also carry out their research exercise. Students are asked to reflect on the service learning experience and on their research findings appropriately.

As part of the course, students are trained in service learning methodology, and in particular in techniques such as critical thinking and reflective writing. Students must be clear on how they are applying the theory of the subject to the practical context, how this relates to, or differs from the theory, and what they can learn about themselves, the organisations and the theory through the reflective writing process. At the lower end of the scale students will simply recount their experience and have some "personal voice" associated with the learning situation. At the higher end, students will have reviewed the extant theory, reflected on events where application of theory interacted with practice, and critically reflect on the similarities, differences and growth in knowledge gained through the experience.

For further information, contact Dr. Denise Crossan in the Centre for Non-Profit Management.

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