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9 Mar

Computer Scientists to Develop Next-Gen Big Data Systems for Tomorrow’s App Builders

ALIGNED will be led by computer scientists at Trinity to lay the foundations for big data systems to make light of the complexity, scale and inconsistency of data currently available on the web.

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CONSENSUS ‘HomeLabs’ Shine Light on Sustainable Living

Following in-home trials designed to assess the efficacy of combining interventions to support sustainability in our daily lives, Trinity geographers present a number of key findings.

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5 Mar

Bamboo – How Nature’s Miracle Material Could Help Build a Sustainable Future

Engineers from Trinity College Dublin believe sustainable bamboo could be safely used to make bicycles, turbine blades and even homes.

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3 Mar

Landmark New Study on Maternal Health Launched

MAMMI study to make mothers’ invisible health problems visible. The new longitudinal study from Trinity College Dublin will look across a range of health issues affecting pregnant women and first time mothers. Early results from one strand show a high prevalence of urinary incontinence or ‘leaking urine’ in women before, during and post pregnancy.

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2 Mar

Researchers Complete Vital Work in Housing Design for People with Dementia

Their recommendations will enable people living with dementia to live in their own homes for as long as possible, and help families and carers to provide the necessary support.

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Secondary School Students Enjoy Particle Physics Masterclass

Trinity College Dublin’s School of Mathematics opened the window of cutting-edge physics to young investigators, who worked with real-world data from the Large Hadron Collider.

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27 Feb

‘After Charlie Hebdo: A Public Forum on Religion, Freedom and Human Rights’

The aim of the event was to counter simplified narratives on questions around religious fundamentalism, terrorism and freedom of speech.

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