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Visiting, Erasmus & Exchange Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to Trinity College Dublin as a visiting, exchange or Erasmus student!

General Orientation Meetings - January 2018

Orientation for students arriving in January 2018 will be on Thursday 11 January 2018 from 9.45 - 5.30 in the Ed Burke Theatre

You can view the detailed schedule on the Timetable page

Module enrolment

Module enrolment is what we call the process you follow to sign up to your classes. As well as checking the Timetable page for your orientation timetable, make sure to check the Module Enrolment page to find out more about how to do it, and to check for details of School and Departmental enrolment meetings.

Visiting/Erasmus students please direct any queries you may have to the International Admissions and Study Abroad team in the Academic Registry (

Key Orientation Dates


11-15 September 2017

Postgraduate Orientation Week


18-22 September 2017

Freshers' Week (Orientation for Undergraduates)


25 September 2017

Michaelmas Term teaching begins


15 December 2017

Michaelmas Term ends


8-12 January 2018

Understanding Ireland: Semester Start-Up Programme (January start)

  11 January 2018 Visiting and Erasmus students Orientation

15 January 2018

Hilary Term teaching begins


6 April 2018

Hilary Term teaching ends


9 April 2018

Revision/Examination Prep period begins


1 May 2018

Examinations begin


25 May 2018

Examinations end