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M. Phil. in International History

anti-Vietnam War march in GermanyGermans protest the Vietnam War (1968)

Course Co-ordinator: Dr Molly Pucci

The M. Phil in international history offers students the chance to pursue historical research outside the bounds of the nation state. The program allows students to immerse themselves in the questions of the past, develop research skills, study foreign languages, and become familiar with scholarship in the fields of transnational, comparative, and global history. Students can choose courses from a variety of geographic specialties in modern history, especially including European, Irish, Chinese, U.S., and environmental history. Topics of interest could include the movement of culture, people, ideas, or trade across national borders, or issues such as imperialism, globalization, transnational social movements, and the history of war and conflict.

The course is designed for students who want to immerse themselves in research questions in preparation for a PhD, undertake or deepen study of foreign languages and cultures, develop new areas of interest, or understand the historical roots of current international events for careers in journalism, government service, or NGOs. The capstone project is the dissertation, an independent research project developed together with a supervisor.

Applications are opening this fall and the first cohort will enter fall of 2018

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