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Current Research Students

Name Topic Supervisor(s) Funding

Barrett, Rachel

The National Monuments Service and its Archival Collections

Terence Barry


Bromhead, Catherine Maria

Local identities of Sacral Kings in Early Medieval Ireland and Anglo-Saxon England, 7th to 10th Centuries

Immo Warntjes/Terry Barry

Brophy, Kate

'Irish Catholic missionary activity in the twentieth century from the domestic perspective

Anne Dolan

Brown, Peter

Advanced Nationalist Political Activity in Ireland, 1910-1918

Anne Dolan

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-16)

Browne, Katherine

Defining Surgical Competence: The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 1784-2014

Ciaran O'Neill

Callinan, Elaine

The Role of Propaganda in Election Campaigns, 1916-1923

David Fitzpatrick


Carey Bates, Rhiannon

The Cathedral Churches of Medieval Ireland: Formation and Function, 1111-1378

Sean Duffy

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2014-16)

Carter, Nicola

The Second Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor (1879-1953), and the Ruling Class in Britain, 1900-40

Anne Dolan


Cartier, Rorie

Polish Exiles and Forced Wartime Mobilization in the Soviet Union

Alan Kramer


Claffey, Hugh

Queen Anne's Thanksgivings

Robert Armstrong


Connell, Peter

From hovels to homes: the provision of public housing in Irish provincial towns, 1890-1945

David Dickson


Devitt, Jerome

Defending Ireland from the Irish - The Irish Executive's reaction to Transatlantic Fenianism, 1864-68

David Dickson / Ciaran O'Neill

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-16)

Duff Garvey, Margaret

Irish Commercial Public Natural Resources: How Public Are They?

Poul Holm/Eunan O'Halpin


Earls Fitzgerald, Thomas

Civilian Experiences of the Irish Revolution 1918-1923

Eunan O'Halpin

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-17)

Furlong, Stephen

Irish Banditry, 1641-1754

David Dickson / Aileen Douglas

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-16)

Greaney, James Michael Samuel

Identity in Discourse in Restoration Ireland, 1660-85

Robert Armstrong/Micheál Ó Siochrú

Hart, Antonia

Irish Women in Business, 1850-1920

Ciaran O'Neill/Richard McMahon


Hatfield, Mary

Growing up in Ireland: Constructions of Gender and Childhood in Early Nineteenth-Century Ireland

David Dickson / Ciaran O'Neill

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2012-15)

Hayes, Patrick

The economic, social and environmental importance of Irish fisheries, 1400-1700

Poul Holm

Margaret Laniak Herdeck

The Political Impact of the American Revolution on British Policies Towards Ireland and Canada

Patrick Geoghegan


Hewer, Stephen

Justice for All? Access by Ethnic Groups to the English Court System in Ireland, 1252-1327

David Ditchburn / Peter Crooks


Hingst, Sophie

"Here the Sea of Pity Lies": Conflicting Views of Ireland's Position in the Early Modern World

Micheál Ó Siochrú / Mark Hennessy

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2014-16)

Howard, Jack Aidan

Edward I: Images and Audience

David Ditchburn

Howlin, Gerard

The Catholic Kingship of King James II

Robert Armstrong


Hughes, Darryl

Susanne R. Day: Irishwoman, reformer and writer

Ciaran O'Neill

Kelly, Alan

Scholarly thought and literary allusion in early modern Irish political discourse

Ciaran Brady


Keane, Eoghan

The Frontier in Medieval Ireland, 1169-1534

Seán Duffy


Kilgallon, Lynn

Parliaments and Political Culture in the Insular World, c. 1399-1496

David Ditchburn

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2015-18)

Leonard, Cormac

A Historical Examination of the Irish Deaf Community, 1846-1950

Patrick Geoghegan / John Bosco Conama

Loughlin, Paul

The 'Floodgates' Argument and Its Deployment on Voters in Irish Social Referenda

Eunan O'Halpin


Mac Gearailt, Colm

Second-Level Irish History in the Republic of Ireland: Policy, Politics and Curriculum in Context, 1925-1975

Patrick Geoghegan / John Walsh


Markley, Shirley

An Examination of Earth Mortared Building Technologies in Later Medieval Ireland, c.1100-1600

Terence Barry


Martin, Kyle

The place of Ireland in nineteenth-century American economic and historical thought

Ciaran Brady

Matthews, John Alphonsus

Degrees of market integration in Europe during the fish revolution, c. 1400-1700

Poul Holm

Mc Cord, Rhona

Post-World War II Development of Suburban Dublin

Anne Dolan / David Dickson


Óg McGrattan, Eamonn

'The poetry of action': Kenneth Burke and American cultural theory

Daniel Geary


Meighan, Brendan James

The changing perceptions of the Féni in early medieval Ireland c. 550-900.

Seán Duffy


Milliken, Eamonn

Cultures of Violence: the Waffen-SS in the context of German military history

Alan Kramer

Mulhaire, Ronan

KIngship, Law and Authority in Ireland, c.1000-1200

Seán Duffy

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2015-18)

Murphy, Thomas

Hiberno-Papal Relations 1198-1303: Sovereigns or Spectators

Seán Duffy

Nouvian, Manon Valérie Geneviève

A Radical memory: martyrdom and commemoration in nineteenth-century British popular radicalism

Joseph Clarke

O Sithigh, Ruairí

The political and ecclesiological thought of the Restoration writings of Father Peter Walsh, 1660-1688

Robert Armstrong

O'Reilly, Chloe

The Iveagh Trust: a Social Looking-Glass, 1890-1939

Eunan O'Halpin / Anne Dolan

Iveagh Trust Ph.D. Studentship (2013-17)

Ó Súilleabháin, Niall

The 'Feudal Revolution' in the Middle Loire Valley, c.850-c.1150

Ian Robinson/David Ditchburn


O'Rourke, Liam Martin

The episcopate of the Church of Ireland c. 1600-1740

Robert Armstrong

Payne, Elspeth

Britain, Ireland and the Press, 1912-1949

Anne Dolan / Eunan O'Halpin

R.B. McDowell Fellowship (2013-16); IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2014-17)

Perkins, Sonya

Periodical Publishing in Dublin 1930-60: A Golden Age for Irish Periodicals?

David Dickson

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2013-17)

Porqueddu, Nella

Writing the War: Italian Junior Combat Officers on their War Experience

John Horne

DAH Postgraduate Studentship (2011-15)

Porter, John

Consumer Ideals and Identities in Ireland, 1920-1960

Anne Dolan

IRC Postgraduate Scholarship (2014-18)

Purcell, Daniel

Protestant Representations of War, Violence and Sectarianism, 1916-1923

David Fitzpatrick/Anne Dolan


Smith, Paul

Catholics and the Law in Restoration Ireland

Micheál Ó Siochrú / Mark Hennessy


Teggin, Edward

An Investigation into the Development of Bombay as a Settlement of the British East India Company During the Years 1668-1720

Robert Armstrong / Jane Ohlmeyer


Tierney, Alexandra

Partition and Women's Social Policy, 1921-1939

Eunan O'Halpin

Trinity College Postgraduate Research Studentship (2014-17)

Tighe, John

Settlement Patterns in the Diocese of Tuam in the Early and High Medieval Periods: A Longue Duréee Approach

Terry Barry


Tormey, Thomas

The IRA in Dublin During the War of Independence

Eunan O'Halpin


Twomey, Brendan

Managing Money in Eighteenth-Century Ireland

David Dickson


Vigor, Megan

Scotland, Ireland and Union Within the British Isles

Robert Armstrong


Warner, Neil

Perspectives on Unemployment and the British Labour Party, 1979-1997

Daniel Geary

Non-Foundation Scholarship (2013-16)

Zhang, Meishan

Material Culture and Medicine in Shanghai, 1912-1949

Isabella Jackson

TCD College Scholarship (2016-19)

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