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Trinity College Dublin

Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering


School of Engineering


A warm welcome to the Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering at Trinity College Dublin. Civil Engineers have a key role in shaping the future of society, being at the forefront of the knowledge and skills required to meet the big challenges facing the world today - increasing pressures on resources (energy, water, land etc) with the resultant need for more sustainable approaches to all aspects of life, the effects of climate change and mitigation strategies, the global trend towards more urbanized living etc. Civil Engineering is a broad discipline which deals with the main infrastructure needed for society: structures and bridges, water resources and waste management, transport management and roads, energy resources and systems.

We offer a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses which are multi-dimensional, having a strong technical focus but also an emphasis on the development of team working skills, knowledge of ethics and an awareness of the social and environmental impacts of their work. Graduates often end up working on multi-disciplinary projects that require innovative approaches and thinking, offering exciting careers both in Ireland and abroad, including work in developing countries.

Our strong research focus on quantitative and analytical methods, the application of innovation and the development and use of new technology to solve problems in the natural and built environments. We work with industry, governments and universities across the world on research which has economic, social, political, scientific and engineering dimensions.


Prof Brian Broderick




Professor Brian Broderick

Head of Department