University Senate

The Senate was constituted by the Letters Patent of 1857 as a Body Corporate under the name, style, and title of "The Chancellor, Doctors, and Masters of the University of Dublin". It shall be and shall continue to be a body corporate with a common seal, and shall have power under the said seal to do all such acts as may be lawful for it to do in conformity with the laws and statutes of the State and with the Charters and Statutes of the College.

It consists of the Chancellor and the Pro-Chancellors; Doctors and Masters of the University are members of the Senate in accordance with the regulations and conditions as the Board enacts. The Chancellor, as the head of the Body Corporate, is the official custodian of the Common Seal of the Senate. (The 1966 Consolidated Statutes of Trinity College, Dublin and of the University of Dublin (As amended up to and including the Ordinance of 17 January 2006), Chapter X, Para.1)

Membership of University Senate

The University Senate consists of the Caput, together with resident Doctors and Masters of the University in several categories as follows:

  • Resident doctor or masters of the University, that is, doctors or masters, who are not members of the College or University staff, but who hold rooms in College or are in attendance on lectures in arts or in the professional schools.
  • Doctors and masters of the University who have held a studentship of the University or are moderators who have obtained a large gold medal, or moderators who have obtained a gold medal in or after 1935, or moderators who have obtained two moderatorships of a class higher than class III, and who have applied to the Registrar of the Senate to have their names entered permanently on the College books, as members of the Senate, without payment of a fee.
  • Former Fellows of the College.
  • Representatives and former representatives of the University in Seanad Éireann.
  • Members of the staff of the College or University, during their tenure of office.
  • Doctors or masters of the University who have applied to the Registrar of the Senate to have their names placed permanently on the College books, as members of the Senate, on payment of a fee of €65.

The Academic Registry maintains an up-to-date register of the Members of the University Senate, which is available from the Office for internal College purposes only. Those wishing to query the status of their membership should contact the Academic Registry in the first instance.

Business Meetings

In consultation with the Chancellor and Registrar, the Academic Registry is responsible for organising and supporting Stated Meetings of the University Senate which conduct statutory business other than the conferring of degrees.
Stated meetings of the Senate are held in Michaelmas and Hilary term, and at such other times as convened by the Chancellor. Statutory business items include inter alia:

  • Election to the Office of Chancellor or Pro-Chancellor
  • Proposals for honorary degrees
  • Proposals for degrees jure officii
  • Institution of new degrees

Dates of stated meetings are normally listed in the Almanack annually. In addition, members are notified by email in advance of scheduled meetings. Senate members may update their contact details by emailing Student & Graduate Records Team.

Master in Arts – MAjo

Bachelors of the University of at least three years’ standing may be conferred with a Master in Arts (i.e. an M.A. (Dubl.) This is a title of academic rank and not an examined academic qualification. Candidates wishing to be conferred with M.A. (Dubl.) must give notice on the prescribed form which is available from the Academic Registry. The form must be returned so as to reach that office not later than the specified closing date for a Commencements session. The fee for the M.A. is €637 and should be paid to the Academic Registry. The fee is waived in the case of eligible staff and graduates of fifty or more years’ standing.

Summary of eligibility criteria for MAjo

Permanent full-time members of staff of the University or College are eligible on the following conditions :
(a) Fellows, Professors and holders of the offices of Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian and Chief Operating Officer in the first year of their appointment;
(b) Other members of the academic staff of at least the status of assistant professor after three years;
(c) Staff on administrative officer grades after ten years; 
(d) Chief Technical Officers, Chief Medical Scientists, and Senior Experimental Officers after ten years; and
(e) Staff who do not come within sub-sections (a) to (d) after thirty-five years’ employment with the College;
(f) Permanent part-time members of the staff who had previously come within criteria (a) to (e).
Permanent full-time academic members of staff of another academic institution, where work in that institution is accepted in part fulfilment of the requirements for a degree in any Faculty in the College, may also be eligible.

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