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Work Experience & Internships

Work Experience & Internships



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Why gain Work Experience or complete a summer internship?

As the jobs market becomes increasingly competitive, relevant experience is critical. Most employers will expect students to have gained some form of tangible experience throughout their College years.

Experience takes many forms be it involvement in clubs and societies, community work, paid or unpaid work, an internship as part of your degree course, a structured work experience with a large employer, a laboratory or fieldwork based internship or a short period of work shadowing negotiated by you with an employer.

Benefits of getting work experience:

  • Significantly boost your chances of a good job after College.
  • Make it a unique selling point on your CV/application that allows you to stand out from your competitors highlighting your new skills and achievements.
  • Work experience/internships enhance your employability and job prospects after graduation - up to 80% of graduates in UK companies are recruited from internship programmes.
  • Creates a network of potential contacts for the future
  • Tests out what it is like working in a certain environment/job/sector.  Sometimes Junior Sophister students use a laboratory or fieldwork based internship to help them decide whether to do a research degree after completing their final year.
  • Any form of work experience can highlight your motivation to a prospective employer.
  • If linked to your course it can provide you with the opportunity to put course theory into practice.
  • You learn new knowledge and skills, both course-related (if applicable) and personal
  •  It gives an insight into working life, develops self-awareness and supports in making good career decisions
  • You earn money!

In your JS year we therefore would encourage you to get career related work experience/internships. The Trinity Work Experience & Internships programme aims to provide you with these opportunities.

You can find work experience and internship vacancies advertised at MyCareer.


Types of Work Experience & Internship positions


Structured work experience programmes where students receive supervised, practical experience in a career-related area. Internships usually last between 8 and 12 weeks and are a great way of helping you to clarify your future career path.

  • Training: is provided, generally to a high level.
  • Project Work: You are generally given responsibility for a specific project and you are required to make a presentation at the end of the internship.
  • Advertising & Closing Dates: positions are generally advertised between October to March. Closing dates are often early in the academic year, some as early as December.
  • Target Group: Junior Sophisters are the main target group, but occasionally applications may be accepted from students of other years. Students from ALL disciplines are invited to apply e.g. Arts & Science students are often encouraged to apply for business internships.
  • Competition: competition for places is tough but keep in mind that an estimated third of graduate vacancies are filled by applicants who have already worked for their employer as an undergraduate. Being offered a place on an internship programme often exempts you from a first round interview if you apply for a graduate position in your final year.

International Work Experience

More and more students are going abroad during the summer months. There are a number of programmes in place to help you to identify career-related vacancies. BUNAC offers programmes such as Summer Camp USA, KAMP USA and Work Canada.

Part-time work

ALL work can provide learning opportunities. You can gain valuable transferable skills in any type of part-time work, including business awareness, time-management and organisational skills. Use the Careers Advisory Service to help you to articulate your experience effectively in your applications and at interview.

Placements with Small Businesses

This can also be extremely valuable experience. Either set up your own small business (with an innovative idea and a little capital), or gain some very hands on responsibility with an existing small business.

Work Shadowing

  • Involves following or shadowing a professional for a week or two, usually unpaid.
  • The aim is to give students an insight into what a particular job entails and the skills that are necessary for that job.
  • How to get it - use personal contacts or send a CV to organisations of interest to you asking for work shadowing. This is unusual and impressive as it indicates real interest and commitment to this career path.

Summer Research Opportunities

A number of organisations in Ireland (e.g. Health Research Board) and the UK (e.g. Genetics Society and the Society for General Microbiology) support active research participation by undergraduate students.

Volunteer Work

Voluntary work often involves greater variety and responsibility than in a paid job. It is a super way of getting valuable work experience and building up critical skills relevant to any job.

There are specifically designed volunteer projects which often take place during the summer months. Although they are voluntary, you will probably have to pay for your own flights and some additional administration costs if the opportunities are located overseas.

For more information please visit: and


Blog Competition

This is a sponsored Blog Competition, which encourages Senior Sophister students to reflect on the skills they gained during their summer work experience and to identify how these skills would assist them in both their final year of studies and in future job-seeking activities. First prize in this competition is €250 and second prize is €150.


Work Experience & Internships Student Stories

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Trinity Alumni Spring Week Internship Bursary

Gain experience with funding? Trinity Alumni Spring Internship Bursary

Are you a SF student interested in applying for a Spring Week programme?

Did you know that major financial services and consultancy companies in the UK often target their recruitment efforts at Senior Fresh students by offering a ‘Spring Week’ internship which includes valuable experience and sectoral insight?

For the academic year 2017-18, Senior Fresh students of any discipline who secure a place on a Spring Week internship programme are eligible to apply for a bursary to support costs.

Details of the award: This award is supported by donors who wish to support students in their professional development by providing the bursaries to assist with the costs of undertaking these internships. A bursary of €750 per student to cover items like accommodation/transport/meals in London for the week.

Eligibility: A selection of students in their Senior Fresh year in any discipline who successfully secure a 2018 Spring Week internship with a professional services firm in London may be eligible for an award. Last year our bursary recipients completed an internship with Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and JP Morgan. Please note internship deadlines can be quite early i.e. December/January.

All of the Spring Week vacancies will be advertised on MyCareer - login using your Trinity username & password.

Selection: Students who are offered a Spring Week programme will be asked to provide proof of the offer, and will then be required to complete a short personal essay (500 words) outlining why they should be offered the bursary. Once students complete their internships and provide evidence of such they will be required to write a short 200 word reflective essay on their experience.

Click here for details on the application process and Bursary Essay Question & Guidelines.

Contact for more information or if you have been successful in securing a Spring Week internship.


Other Relevant Information:

  • When are vacancies advertised?
    • Opportunities are advertised all year round but the majority of summer vacancies will be advertised at MyCareer from October - May.
  • Duration of the jobs?
    • Jobs are mostly available from June to September.
  • Where are the vacancies advertised?
    • They are advertised at the vacancy pages and at MyCareer - be sure to select "Work Experience & Internships" to tailor your email preferences for Daily & Weekly Email Alerts.
    • Bi-annual Newsletter - Options Junior Sophister.
  • View Resources for more information.
  • Ensure you are covered:
    • Check out that you will be covered by the organisation's public liability insurance and for work related accidents. If these are not in place you need to put these in place. When travelling abroad you are advised to take out travel, personal accident or health insurance.

Listen to some employer comments on work experience:

Paul Vance, Head of Resourcing at KPMG and Colm Cunningham, Head of Fund Accounting with Bank of New York Mellon.

And see also:



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