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Resources to help find a job in the current climate


CVs And Applications

Write your best CV, application form and cover letter.

Interviews & Assessment Centres

Prepare and practice to maximise your chance of success.

Selection Tests

Practice ability tests. Complete psychometric tests to find out more about yourself.

Your Degree - What Next?

Find out what jobs and further study you can do with your subject, and lots more.

Postgraduate Study & Awards

Information to help you decide on further study, and get started on funding opportunities.


Get involved and build your experiences. Ideas and resources to get you started.

Change Your Career

Suggestions and resources to get you started.

Be a Resource for Current Students

Share your experience online or in person at careers events.


Just wanted to say thanks for your help yesterday. The meeting was very helpful and really made me assess what's important to me in a career. I feel much more comfortable now about where I want to go and what I want to do, so thanks for your help.

Graduate 2009
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Last Updated: 02-Apr-2014