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Academic and Postgraduate Research Fellowship Reports

Trinity Research in Social Sciences (TRiSS) brings together researchers in the social sciences from across Trinity College Dublin. It provides a single identifying physical and intellectual location for social science research in Trinity connecting social science researchers across multiple schools for the purposes of collaboration.

Congratulations to the following academics and postgraduate students who have been awarded a TRiSS Research Fellowship for 2022/23.

Do check in regularly for updates on their research projects!

Davide Romelli Economics Beyond the central bank independence veil: new evidence
Deidre Ahern Law The Changing Face of Directors’ Duties in the EU: Making Companies Responsible for Sustainability and Human Rights across Global Supply Chains
Jeffrey Ziegler Political Science Computational Tools for Survey Experiments in the Social Sciences
Joseph Roche Education Establishing a Science, Technology, and Society (STS) Centre at Trinity College Dublin
Lorraine Swords Psychology ADAPT: ADolescents’ Adjustment to Pandemic-related resTrictions.
Susan Flynn Social Work Social Policy Virtual Harm: The Internet and Child Protection Risks Associated with Disability
Yunfan Lai Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences A glimpse at the world of the Gyalrongs: languages and beyond
Zohar Hadromi-Allouche Religion "Demons Good and Bad": An Interdisciplinary Perspective



Azza Warraitch Psychology  Development of evidence-based guidelines on youth involvement in health research
Julia Hirschwald Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences Establishing a Core Outcome Set for Dysphagia Interventions in Parkinson’s disease: the COS-DIP study
Julia Leesch Sociology ’Who’ marries ‘whom’ in Ireland? The role of educational expansion for changing patterns of educational assortative mating
Louisa Roos Economics The gender impacts of the Swiss franc shock
Madhav Bhargav Psychology  Towards a Better Understanding of College Students’ Adverse Childhood Experiences and Later Mental Health
Marketa Odlova Political Science Minorities and the Military: The Effects of Conscription on Political Engagement
Michael Buckley Education School governance in the Republic of Ireland: A mixed-methods case study of primary schooling
Neha Tetali Religion Gendering Foreign Policy: A Feminist Postcolonial engagement with the UN WPS Agenda
Olivia McEvoy Sociology Exploring the “causes of causes” of inequalities: how do health behaviours become socially patterned?