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Arnie Trinidad

PhD Candidate, Sociology

Twitter: @arnie_trinidad



Doctoral Thesis Summary

My PhD thesis entitled Class, Translocality, and Integration: Examining the Experiences of Filipino Nurse Migrants in Ireland investigates the influences of the translocal context of Filipino migrant nurses on their socioeconomic situation and social class conditions in Ireland. The research utilizes a novel approach in understanding migrant class and class identities from the lenses of translocality, a relatively recent development in social science research that looks at how migrants are connected to different geographical spaces such as neighborhoods, communities, and nations.  Using mixed methods research involving an Ireland-wide survey of 481 Filipino nurses in Ireland, 61 in-depth interviews, and social network analysis of their economic networks, I examine how the translocal context of migrants shapes their lifestyle choices, life chances, and integration, among others.


Arnie is under the supervision of Professor Daniel Faas at the TCD Department of Sociology. He holds an MA in Sociology from the University of the Philippines Diliman and also taught Sociology in the same university until 2012. He managed a hospital-based Foundation and later worked as a Program Manager and Senior Researcher of the Psychosocial Support and Children’s Rights Resource Center, a research NGO in Manila. He has published and conducted research on migrant identity; children’s rights and issues; peace education; and mental health and psychosocial support in emergencies. His current research interests are on social class, migration, and translocality.



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