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Francesco Barilari

PhD Candidate, Economics


Twitter: @Fra_Barilari



Doctoral Thesis Summary

In my thesis I show how a shock on a salient and divisive topic impacts political polarization. My research demonstrates that political polarization is contagious and that it is a multidimensional concept. Moreover, it sheds light on the indirect effects (i.e. policies implementation) that this phenomenon may have on the quality of a democratic system. In my dissertation, I am also studying how ageing impacts the voting decisions and policies implementation, how a shock on a democratic system may impact social capital, and how a shock on local media may change the national political narrative. 


I am a PhD Candidate in Economics and a Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholar. I received my Master degree in Economics at the University of Bologna. My main research interests are Political Economy, Applied Microeconomics and Economic History. I am also interested in Text Analysis and in particular in the new literature Text as Data.