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Dermot McAleese Teaching Awards 2021/22 

Congratulations are in order for five TRiSS winners and nominees of the prestigious Dermot McAleese Teaching Awards for the 2021/22 academic year.

Four prizes were awarded, one for each Discipline in the School of Social Sciences and Philosophy.  The winners included:

Anu Jose, for the module Mathematics and Statistics B (Economics).  Anu’s research interests include gender, intrahousehold decision making and financial inclusion. Her work combines theoretical economic models and micro-level data from developing countries to inform evidence-based policy. One of her students wrote: "These tutorials were crucial to my understanding of this module. Anu had the perfect teaching style for me, I liked how she explained everything concisely and had no problem explaining it differently if you asked her to go over things again.  She never made you feel uncomfortable for asking questions or getting an answer wrong."

Audrey Plan, for the module The European Court of Justice and Other Famous Courts (Political Science).  Audrey previously worked in legal advocacy for children's rights in London.  She is interested in empirical legal studies of International Courts, in particular in the field of European Human Rights. One of her students said: "Audrey encouraged a lot of exchange between students and even if the group discussions were sometimes challenging it was really worth it."

The nominees included:
Đorđe Milosa, teaching assistant in Political Science for the modules Public Opinion and Political Participation
Juan Duran, teaching assistant in Economics for the modules Intermediate Economics & Mathematical and Statistical Methods B
Michael McRae, teaching assistant in Economics for the module Mathematical and Statistical Methods B

Also in attendance at today’s presentation was 2020/21 Economics winner, Eugenia Maria Frezza.  Eugenia was a teaching assistant for Econometrics A and Econometrics B. Her fields of research are gender and development economics.

Established 11 years ago by the School of Social Sciences and Philosophy, the awards acknowledge the important work of teaching assistants - the impact that excellent TA’s can have on undergraduates and how they can relate to students in ways that faculty sometimes can’t.

The awards are named in honour of Dermot McAleese, former Whately Professor of Political Economy and much loved teacher within the School.  Through his daughter, Susannah, Dermot said that he loved teaching because it was important to pass on the baton of knowledge to the next generation, a good teacher should make the learning experience engaging and inspirational – which is what the TRiSS students here have done!

TRiSS winners and nominees of the Dermot McAleese Teaching Award. From left to right: Eugenia Maria Frezza (2021/22), Juan Duran, Anu Jose, Mike McRae and Đorđe Milosav. (Audrey Plan absent).