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TY Student Opportunities at TCD

Each year TCD-based departments in various fields reserve places for TY students who are attending Trinity Access-linked Secondary Schools. These programmes are designed to give students the chance to study specialised subjects on campus to a standard found in most undergraduate courses. Students are able to apply via the application form on each department's website. The full list of opportunities is:
  • Medicine TY Week
  • Chemistry TY Week
  • Chemistry Summer School
  • Botany TY week
  • Zoology TY Week
  • Physics TY Week
  • Computer Science
  • Nanoscience TY Week (CRANN)
  • Nursing & Midwifery TY Week
  • Pharmacy TY Week
These TY programmes run throughout the year and usually run from Monday to Friday, whilst keeping the student contact hours as school. Most weeks will include social settings for students to gain new friendships while attending the week. Read more info on these programmes.


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