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Summer School

Trinity Access Summer School is a week-long programme which usually runs in June of each year. It is for 5th year students going into 6th year come September as the programme focus is to give students a taste of the college experience. It’s also a summer programme that aims to bring students from difference communities together, and share opportunities for cultural and educational enrichment. Students are paired with a student group ambassador who is studying an undergraduate course and who entered TCD via an alternative entry route. Students sign up to a subject of their choice which aims to show them how they can work and study in college. They have an option of the following subjects:
  • Law
  • Business Studies
  • English Literature
  • Neuroscience
  • Politics / History
  • Nanoscience
It’s really important that Summer School balances the fun social aspects of college with educational insights into college. We try to introduce students to the entire community and faculties at TCD. This includes scavenger hunts, tours, talks and workshops with professors and student societies. Trinity Access staff members deliver talks on key programmes and initiatives such as HEAR, CAO, SUSI and the Foundation Course. We usually end the week with a presentation and graduation event where parents, guardians and friends are invited to attend. By the end of the week students leave with a deeper connection to the community that lives and works across TCD. We traditionally invite 80-100 students to take part in Summer School. This means we can include an average of 6 students per school. We begin recruitment through our Schools Mailer up to 6 weeks before the programme begins. All questions regarding summer school should be directed to the senior cycle coordinator in your school.


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