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Rowing Summer Camp

The Rowing Summer Camp is a joint initiative led by the Dublin University Boat Club in conjunction with the Trinity Access Programme. This innovative programme offers a unique opportunity to introduce 4th and 5th year students to the academic and sporting life of Trinity by learning to row at our historic boathouse. Students are invited to spend a week with members of the college rowing team to learn how to row, build a mentoring relationship and participate in the social and sporting actives TCD has to offer. This is a week-long summer camp which runs for the entire month of June. Students are invited to a week-long session with 10 other students. The smaller sizes ensures a greater time for one-to-one training and a beneficial mentoring process. We usually have up to 50 students annually. This opportunity allows students to employ their personal skillset to enhance the camp experience for others as it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable, inspirational and engaging programme of events. We hope it engenders a passion for sport and study among participants. Recruitment usually takes place via the Schools Mailer in May or June. Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic summer camps from the academic year 19/20 and 20/21 could not take place. We expect a full return to our Rowing Summer Camps for June 2022.


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