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Pathways to Law

Pathways to Law aims to inspire students from under-represented groups who are interested in the law and to give them the confidence, knowledge and tools to maximise their potential. It does this by:
  • Encouraging and supporting students’ interest in studying Law at third level in Trinity College
  • Enhancing their understanding of the legal profession through engagement in a range of activities throughout the Senior Cycle and undergraduate experience
  • Working in collaboration with the legal profession and other key stakeholders, to create networks and opportunities.
  • Pathways to Law incorporates a number of ‘persistence’ activities designed to give the student participants and their families an insight into the study of law at third level, professional entry requirements as well as exposure to careers in the legal field.
Pathways to Law includes the following components:
  • University Sessions: Participants in Pathways attend a range of sessions in Trinity College which provide students with an induction into the Pathways project and content. Students also gain a practical understanding of the study of law and gain a sense of the wider social and cultural experiences of Trinity student life.
  • Summer School: Outside of the school term time the students attend a summer school programme which provides them with their first experience of the practical application of law through participation in a mock trial.
  • Street Law: During Street Law, students learn about the legal system in Ireland through practical and interactive classes with trainee solicitors.
A wide variety of teaching techniques are used and topics are covered. Sessions take place in the Law Society and culminate in a mock legal trial. Undergraduate students who meet the Trinity Access entry requirements continue the programme during their time in TCD. These students receive supports including a scholarship and mentoring from linked law firms.


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