Welcome to the Discipline of Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Trinity College Dublin traces its origins to the foundation of the university and has grown into a vibrant international community of scholars and students. Religious Studies at Trinity is consistently ranked in the Top 100 globally.

Our approach is critical, progressive, and interdisciplinary and we employ textual, historical, philosophical, ethical and cultural analysis to understand the many different ways in which religions shape our societies, past and present.

Our research and teaching explore the religions of the world in their diverse historical, intellectual, and geographical contexts globally. We study Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, as well as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. We also study indigenous religions and New Religious Movements, and have particular expertise in inter-religious engagements, from antiquity to our own time.

Whether undergraduate or postgraduate, students can study the sacred texts and traditions of these religions. They may also focus on their theologies, which address questions about the existence of God, human freedom, the nature of church, and religious law.

They can also focus on the ways in which religious culture impacts upon culture and art, with opportunities to analyse different forms of media, including film, from Hollywood to Bollywood. Additionally they can study ethics which considers how religious traditions address the major ethical challenges of our time including climate justice, sex and gender, human rights and the common good.

Our Programmes