Welcome to the Discipline of Peace Studies

Peace Studies at Trinity College Dublin offers a comprehensive analysis of the root causes of intractable conflicts and transformative opportunities for peacemaking.

Our teaching is research-led and cutting-edge, employing a range of multidisciplinary perspectives that focus on relevant, present-day case studies. Our unique approach to peace studies involves research-led teaching on campuses in Dublin and Belfast, which creates significant learning synergies between our MPhil programmes.

We are an international community of scholars with diverse expertise who share a deep commitment to promoting peace, social justice, civic engagement, and activism at both local and global levels. We have particular expertise in peacebuilding in Palestine-Israel, Korea, Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland and ex-Yugoslavia.

Our students gain advanced research experience and many other transferable skills, which equip them for successful careers in various fields. Many of our postgraduates continue to work worldwide in government agencies, international humanitarian organizations, research centres, think tanks, peace education, news agencies, and leading local or global NGOs.