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Postgraduate Student Cases

Student case requests must be submitted by your Supervisor. In exceptional cases, the Dean may consider requests originating elsewhere. 
You should contact your Supervisor and provide them with any supporting documentation available. Please ensure that your email includes your name, student number, current registration status, course title and your academic standing. All enquiries regarding postgraduate student cases will be responded to, and are treated in the strictest confidence.

Extension Requests

If your research has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, you can apply for a free of fees extension to your thesis submission deadline using the Extension Request Form below.

Please ensure you have written confirmation of support from your Supervisor or Director of Teaching and Learning (PG) as it must be submitted with this form. The Graduate Studies Office will then revert with a decision from the Dean of Graduate Studies.
Please note, during the current academic year, requests for extensions based on the impact of Covid-19 will only be considered from students who are on the final year of their research programme.
Where an extension is requested on medical grounds, medical certificate(s) should be available as they may be requested as part of the conditions of approval.


Normally, graduate students must pursue their course continuously. In exceptional circumstances the Dean of Graduate Studies, after consultation with the graduate student's Supervisor may permit graduate students to go "off-books" (i.e. off-register), if the Dean of Graduate Studies believes it's in the best interests of the student.

Application to go off-books should be made to the Dean of Graduate Studies via the student's Supervisor or the relevant Director of Teaching and Learning (Postgraduate).

Please note: The student may not apply directly to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

During the period of interruption, graduate students are not required to pay fees. Consequently they will not have a student card during this period and will not have access rights to the college library or other college facilities.

Students who are off-books on medical grounds, must submit a completed Letter of Certification to PG Cases one month prior to their return date to be reviewed by the Medical Group.

Please revert to the College Calendar for further information.


If a postgraduate student wishes to withdraw from College they must notify the Dean of Graduate Studies and the Supervisor in writing. Graduate students who are seeking to withdraw from their course of study are urged to remain mindful of their tuition fee liability. Please contact for more information.

Documents and Forms

If you have any questions please contact the Administrative Officer in Graduate Studies or check for answers on our FAQ page.