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Twin Space Project to Virtually Connect Trinity with New York City

Posted on 24 June 2015

Twin Space, Dublin, New York

Plans are being finalised for the installation of two structures that will allow the people of Dublin and New York to talk face-to-face. The structures will comprise of screens acting as a window from one city into the other. The ‘Twin Space’ project, designed by award-winning architect Cathal Curtin, will be installed in Trinity’s historic Front Square in December 2015, and remain in place until March 2016 should funding for the project be achieved. A twin installation will then be situated next to Brooklyn Bridge in New York, connecting the two cities.

Speaking about the project, Curtin said: "Our smartphones tell us we're connected, but we don't really feel it. These structures will allow people to high-five from different sides of the planet."

The project is hosted by Trinity College Dublin, and supported by Dublin City Council and the NYC Department of Transportation / DUMBO BID. The structures have been developed in partnership with global engineering firm Ove Arup who launched the project this morning on Twitter.

Fundraising for the project is being rallied through global crowd sourcing site, Kickstarter. Through Kickstarter, the people of the two cities are offered the chance to put their name, or that of a friend, on the construction itself, choosing either the New York or Dublin site to make their mark. Project consultant Mark Quick said: "We were inspired by the bridges in Paris, where people inscribe their names or messages on locks and attach them to the bridge. There is a sense of immortality, that the signature will remain forever where it is written."

Fundraising for the ‘Twin Space’ project will run from 24th June to the 24th July 2015. You can donate to Twin Space on