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Discover Research Night Illuminates Fascinating World of Research

Posted on 18 October 2013

ISCA India Launch in Trinity

Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy played host to Discover Research Dublin recently, offering a unique opportunity to open up science and research projects to the public. The event formed part of Discover Research Night which saw events taking place in over 300 cities across Europe.

Among the main exhibits was eCloud WW1, an interactive 3D project which allows users examine crowd sourced materials and stories from the great war.  Members of the public were also given the opportunity to visit Trinity’s Biomedical Institute, catch a variety of talks and engage in real research.  Outside the Physics building images of the sun were projected onto the wall of the building allowing people watch NASA images of the sun and identify sun spots. 

Speaking about the rich variety of events on offer, Dr Jennifer Edmond, Discover Research Coordinator and Director of Strategic Projects, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Trinity College Dublin said: “Discover Research Dublin aims to bring the public directly into the world of research, an area that is sometimes seen as the preserve of labs, libraries or dusty University basements. We hope the amazing activities on offer will help people really get a sense of what research is all about and how many areas of life, culture, history, art and science it encompasses. There are also lots of opportunities on the night for people to genuinely contribute to exciting current research projects.”