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Global Engagement Awards

The Global Engagement Awards celebrate current or past faculty and administrative staff members who have demonstrated excellence in significantly promoting the global values of Trinity.

Global Engagement at Trinity

Trinity’s Global Engagement Award Winners 2020

The Trinity Global Engagement Awards recognise the exceptional contribution made by staff to global education, cultural understanding and global experiences that directly benefits the Trinity community, raising Trinity’s profile and supporting the development of students into global citizens. The awards honour staff members who have distinguished themselves in their work, and acts as an inspiration to others and a means of highlighting the value of this work to both internal and external audiences.

We are delighted to announce the 2020 Trinity’s Global Engagement Award Winners are:

  • Professor Brian Lawlor, Deputy Executive Director of the Global Brain Health Institute, and

  • Professor Brian Broderick, School of Engineering in recognition of his work in the development of a partnership with the Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India.

This year the adjudication panel, also commended the following applicants who will be presented with a Global Engagement Certificates of Excellence:

  • Ms. Meghan Donaldson, Trinity Development and Alumni

  • Dr. Frances O'Brien, School of Nursing and Midwifery

  • Dr Brian Walls, School of Physics

  • Dr. Susan Murphy and Dr. Matthew Saunders, School of Natural Sciences

The Awards ceremony will be hosted by the Provost in the next academic year 20/21 in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Trinity’s Global Engagement activities.

The winners were chosen following a detailed assessment by the adjudication panel, comprising representatives of academic staff, the student body and an external reviewer. The panel examined each candidate across four categories that included global engagement, international education and outreach activities, international relationship building and leadership in global fundraising.

Please see a list of previous winners below:

Global Engagement Award Winners 2018

  • Professor Zuleika Rodgers, Programme Director, Dual BA programme with Columbia University, and

  • Professor Charles Patterson and Professor Hongzhou Zhang to recognise their work in the development of a partnership with University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB). (Joint Award)

Global Engagement Award Winners 2017

  • Professor Brian Foley, School of Engineering,

  • Ms Cliona Hannon, Director of the Trinity Access Programmes

  • Dr John Gormley, Head of Physiotherapy.

  • Ms Doris Alexander and Ms Jennifer Taaffe to recognise their work on LERU (Joint Award).

The winners of the Certificate of Excellence were: Professor Ian Robertson, School of Psychology and Associate Professor Mary Keating, School of Business.

Global Engagement Award Winners 2016

The three recipients of this year’s Trinity Global Engagement Awards were:

  • Professor Mauro Ferreira,School of Physics;

  • Professor Kevin Kelly, School of Engineering and

  • Professor Daniel Faas, School of Social Sciences and Philosophy.

Three academics received a Certificate of Excellence to mark their significant contribution to Trinity’s Global Engagement activities. The winners of the Certificate of Excellence were: Professor Rosemary Byrne, School of Law; Professor Nigel Stevenson, School of Medicine and Professor Fabio Boylan, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Global Engagement Award Winners 2015

The first recipients of the Trinity Global Engagement Awards were:

  • Dr Roger West, from the School of Engineering,

  • Dr Lorna Carson,from the Trinity Centre for Asian Studies, and

  • Prof Mac McLachlan, from the Trinity Centre for Global Health.