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Journal Publications

  • Fernandez-Perez J, Ahearne M. Decellularization and recellularization of cornea: Progress towards a donor alternative. Methods (In Press).
  • Masterton S, Ahearne M. The effect of calcium and glucose concentration on a corneal epithelial cell lines differentiation, proliferation and focal adhesion expression. BioRes Open Access (In Press).
  • Fernandez-Perez J, Ahearne M. Influence of biochemical cues on human corneal stromal cell phenotype. Cur Eye Res. 2019; 44(2): 135-146.
  • Masterton S, Ahearne M. Mechanobiology of the corneal epithelium. Exp Eye Res. 2018; 177: 122-129.
  • Lynch AP, Ahearne M. Retinoic acid enhances the differentiation of adipose-derived stem cells towards a keratocyte phenotype in vitro. Trans Vis Sci Tech. 2017; 6(6):1-11.
  • Lynch AP, O'Sullivan F, Ahearne M. Effect of growth factor supplementation on corneal stromal cell phenotype in vitro using serum free media. Exp Eye Res. 2016; 151:26-37.
  • Lynch AP, Wilson SL, Ahearne M. Dextran preserves native corneal structure during decellularization. Tissue Eng C. 2016; 22:561-572.
  • Prabhakar A, Lynch AP, Ahearne M. Self-assembled infrapatellar fat-pad cells on a PCL film for cartilage regeneration. Art Organs 2016; 50:376-384.
  • Ahearne M. Coyle A. Application of UVA-riboflavin crosslinking to enhance the mechanical properties of extracellular matrix derived hydrogels. J Mech Behav Biomed Mater 2016; 54: 259-267.
  • Ahearne M, Lynch AP. Early observations of extracellular matrix derived hydrogels for corneal stroma regeneration. Tissue Eng C 2015; 21(10): 1059-69.
  • Wilson SL, Ahearne M Hopkinson A. An overview of current techniques for ocular toxicity testing. Toxicology 2015; 327: 34-46.
  • Ahearne M, Lysaght J, Lynch AP. Combined influence of basal media and fibroblast growth factor on the expansion and subsequent differentiation capabilities of adipose derived stem cells. Cell Regeneration 2014; 3: 13.
  • Ahearne M. Introduction to cell-hydrogel mechanosensing. Interface Focus 2014; 4:20130038.
  • Ahearne M, Liu Y, Kelly DJ. Combining freshly isolated chondroprogenitor cells from the infrapatellar fat pad with a growth factor delivery hydrogel as a putative single stage therapy for articular cartilage repair. Tissue Eng A 2014; 20(5-6): 930-939.
  • Lynch AP, Ahearne M. Strategies for developing decellularized corneal scaffolds. Exp Eye Res 2013; 108: 42-47.
  • Ahearne M, Kelly DJ. A comparison of fibrin, agarose and gellan gum hydrogels as carriers of stem cells and growth factor delivery microspheres for cartilage regeneration. Biomed Mater 2013; 8(035004): 1-10.
  • Wilson SL, Wimpenny I, Ahearne M, Rauz S, El Haj AJ, Yang Y. Chemical and topographical effects on cell differentiation and matrix elasticity in a corneal stromal layer model. Adv Funct Mater 2012; 22(17): 3641-3649.
  • Vinardel T, Rolfe RA, Buckley CT, Meyer EG, Ahearne M, Murphy P, Kelly DJ. Hydrostatic pressure acts to stabilise a chondrogenic phenotype in porcine joint tissue derived stem cells. Euro Cells Mater J 2012; 23: 121-134.
  • Ahearne M, Buckley CT, Kelly DJ. Chondrogenesis of infrapatellar fat-pad MSCs using TGF-ß1 loaded gelatin microspheres in fibrin hydrogels. Biotechnol Appl Biochem 2011; 58(5): 345-352.
  • Yang Y, Wimpenny I, Ahearne M. Portable nanofiber meshes dictate cell orientation throughout three-dimensional hydrogels. Nanomedicine NBM 2011; 7(2): 131-136.
  • Then KY, Yang Y, Ahearne M, El Haj AJ. Effect of microtopographical cues on human keratocyte orientation and gene expression. Cur Eye Res 2011; 36(2): 88-93.
  • Ahearne M, Liu KK, El Haj A, Then KY, Rauz S, Yang Y. Online monitoring of the mechanical behaviour of collagen hydrogels: Influence of corneal fibroblasts on elastic modulus. Tissue Eng C 2010; 16(2): 319-327.
  • Ahearne M, Wilson SL, Liu KK, El Haj AJ, Rauz S, Yang Y. Influence of cell and collagen concentration on the cell-matrix mechanical relationship in a corneal stroma wound healing model. Exp Eye Res 2010; 91(5): 584-591.
  • Li C, Ahearne M, Liu KK. Micromechanical characterizations of hydrogel based contact lens. Inter J Mod Phys B 2010; 24(1): 117-127.
  • Ahearne M, Siamantouras E, Yang Y, Liu KK. Mechanical characterization of biomimetic membranes by micro-shaft-poking. J R Soc Interface 2009; 6(34): 471-478.
  • Ahearne M, Yang Y, Then KY, Liu KK. Non-destructive mechanical characterization of UVA/riboflavin crosslinked collagen hydrogels. Br J Ophthalmol 2008; 92(2): 268-271.
  • Ahearne M, Bagnaninchi PO, El Haj AJ, Yang Y. Online monitoring of collagen alignment in tissue engineered tendon by PSOCT. J Tissue Eng Regen Med 2008; 2(8): 521-524.
  • Yang Y, Bagnaninchi P, Ahearne M, Wang R, Liu KK. A novel OCT-based micro-indentation technique for mechanical characterization of hydrogels. J R Soc Interface 2007; 4(17): 1169-1173.
  • Ahearne M, Yang Y, Then KY, Liu KK. An indentation technique to characterize the mechanical and viscoelastic properties of human and porcine corneas. Ann Biomed Eng 2007; 35(9): 1608-1616.
  • Ahearne M, Yang Y, El Haj AJ, Then KY, Liu KK. Characterizing the viscoelastic properties of thin hydrogel-based constructs for tissue engineering applications. J R Soc Interface 2005; 2(5): 455-463.

Book Chapters

  • Wilson SL, Ahearne M, El Haj AJ, Yang Y. The mechanical characterization of hydrogels and its implication on the cellular activities. In: Connon CJ, Hamley IW, Eds. Hydrogels in Cell-Based Therapies 2014; 8: 171-190.
  • Ahearne M, Yang Y, Liu KK. Mechanical characterisation of hydrogels for tissue engineering applications. In: Ashammakhi N, Reis R, Chiellini, F, Eds. Topics in Tissue Engineering 2008; 4(12).